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Commercial Real Estate Sales

100 Blaze Industrial PkwyBerea10,512± SF$575,000
1000 Bacon RdPainesville58,097± SF$2,600,000
1081 E. 200 St.Euclid, OH68,000 s.f.$200,000
1113 Lost Nation Rd.Willoughby, OH2,684 s.f.$105,100
1148 E. 222 St.Euclid, OH26,000 s.f.$675,000
1197 East 305th StreetWickliffe, Ohio4,000 s.f.$185,000
1206 High StreetFairport Harbor, Ohio9,894 s.f.$417,000
1235 Jacobson AveAshland44,866± SF$1,100,000
1265 BrusselsCleveland, Ohio13,200 s.f.$225,000
1280 E. 286 StEuclid/Wickliffe, OH10,000 s.f.$340,000
1321 E 289 StWickliffe6,300± SF$80,000
1330-1334 Mentor Ave.Painesville, OH9,004 s.f.$222,000
134 W. 46th StAshtabula10,290± SF$410,000
13600-13700 ProspectStrongsville, Ohio40,000 s.f.$700,000
1405 Broadway AveBedford3,094± SF$175,000
1427 E. 357 St  Unit BEastlake1,300± SF$97,500
1464 W. 6 StAshtabula, OH21,490 s.f.$225,000
1466 East 357th StreetEastlake, Ohio9,090 s.f.$295,000
1478-1484 Mentor AvePainesville6,762± SF$400,000
15005 Berkshire Industrial PkwyBurton, Ohio5,700 s.f.$235,000
1517 East 367thEastlake, Ohio12,056 s.f.$265,000
1545 Mentor AveMentor, Ohio2,512 s.f.$325,000
156 Burton St.Painesville, Ohio9,300 s.f.$200,000
1572 E. 365 StEastlake5,984± SF$375,000
16019 Hilliard RdLakewood1,716± SF$215,000
161 Grand Valley Ave.Orwell, Ohio46,740 s.f.$1,400,000
16203 Hilliard RoadLakewood, Ohio2,574 s.f.$250,000
1640 Mentor AvePainesville, OH3,154 s.f.$305,000
16855 Foltz Industrial Pkwy,Strongsville, OH15,030 s.f.$1,000,000
18503 St. Clair AvenueCleveland, Ohio16,000 s.f.$220,000
18602 SyracuseEuclid, Ohio4,150 s.f.$98,500
1869 E. 337th St.Eastlake, OH3,500 s.f.$76,500
20371 Euclid AveEuclid3,150± SF$105,000
205 N Lake St.Madison, Ohio8,100 s.f.$100,000
20501 Euclid AveEuclid4,898± SF$1,150,000
209 West WalnutPainesville, Ohio1,363 s.f.$85,500
210 N Lake St.Madison, Ohio5,400 s.f.$56,250
215 High St.Fairport Harbor, OH2,800 s.f.$169,000
2150 Lorain RoadFairview Park, Ohio18,00 s.f.$220,000
21555-21565 Lorain RdFairview Park, Ohio11,365 s.f.$300,000
21611 Tungsten Rd.Euclid, OH21,500 s.f.$550,000
222 North Lake StreetMadison, Ohio53,140 s.f.$200,000
225 High St.Fairport Harbor, OH8,400 s.f.$253,555
2305 E. Aurora Rd, Unit A-7Twinsburg1,869± SF$129,000
23300 Lakeland Blvd.Euclid, OH11,750 s.f.$390,000
2418 Professor Ave.Cleveland, OH2,980 s.f.$525,000
243 Staley RoadOrwell, Ohio68,700 s.f.$675,000
25700 Lakeland BlvdEuclid4,800± SF$240,000
26670 Lakeland BlvdEuclid, OH14,094 s.f.$575,500
26981 Lakeland Blvd.Euclid, Ohio12,300 s.f.$280,000
27161 Tungsten Rd.Euclid, OH21,614 s.f.$400,000
2866 Center StreetKingsville, Ohio29,972 s.f.$8,000
28913-28921 Anderson Rd.Wickliffe, Ohio9,405 s.f.$145,000
28914 Lakeland BlvdWickliffe, Ohio20,500 s.f.$700,000
28940 Euclid AveWickliffe16,000± SF$360,000
29033 Anderson Rd.Wickliffe, OH1,950 s.f.$106,500
29191 Anderson Rd.Wickliffe, OH8,960 s.f.$360,000
300 Temple Dr.Painesville Twp., OH14,328 s.f.$580,000
30400 Solon Industrial ParkwaySolon11,548± SF$530,000
30510 Lakeland Blvd.Willowick, OH43,157 s.f.$1,750,000
30575 Euclid AveWillowick6,000± SF$330,000
30670 Bainbridge BlvdSolon, Ohio10,500 s.f.$459,000
307 Park AvenueChardon, Ohio11,744 s.f.$250,000
322 High St.Fairport Harbor, OH2,479 s.f.$99,000
33010-33050 Lakeland BlvdEastlake32,100± SF$1,250,000
33433 Curtis Blvd.Eastlake, OH9,568 s.f.$550,000
33580 Lakeland Blvd.Eastlake, OH5,030 s.f.$305,000
3445 Brookpark Rd.Parma, OH1,985 s.f.$330,000
3457 West 140th StreetCleveland, Ohio8,196 s.f.$240,000
354 North Lake StreetMadison, Ohio10,302 s.f.$190,000
3560 Ridge Rd.Cleveland, OH4,750 s.f.$550,000
36091 Vine St.Eastlake, OH10,945 s.f.$190,000
36445 Biltmore Dr., Unit B-1Willoughby, OH3,945 s.f.$145,000
36445 Biltmore Dr., Unit FWilloughby, OH3,910 s.f.$160,000
36445 Biltmore Dr., Unit GWilloughby, OH9,765 s.f.$390,000
37121 Euclid Ave.Willoughby, OH4560 s.f.$220,000
373 E 200th StEuclid, Ohio7,200 s.f.$190,000
37701 Stevens BoulevardWilloughby, Ohio10,756 s.f.$255,000
37849 Vine StreetWilloughby, Ohio9,720 s.f.$265,000
38459 Lakeshore BlvdWilloughby3,128± SF$315,000
4117-4137 Main AveAshtabula24,103± SF$275,000
4130-4150 Mayfield RdSouth Euclid48,823± SF$680,725
4215 Hamann Pkwy.Willoughby, OH24,008 s.f.$700,000
4367 Rocky River DrCleveland, OH6,720 s.f.$330,000
4421 & 4429 Hamann ParkwayWilloughby, OH14,533 s.f.$528,111
4425 Glenbrook Dr.Brunswick, Ohio5,000 s.f.$337,500
4493 S. Madison RdMadison Village59,780± SF$2,000,000
4515 Glenbrook RdWilloughby9,044± SF$440,000
4545 Spring RoadBrooklyn Hts., Ohio28,000 s.f.$725,000
46 N. Lake St.Madison Village, OH12,058 s.f.$175,000
4663-4667 Van EppsBrooklyn Hts., Ohio5,000 s.f.$335,000
4699 Hamann ParkwayWilloughby, Ohio8,000 s.f.$365,000
4708 Topps Industrial ParkwayWilloughby, OH15,500 s.f.$743,500
4711 & 4727 E. 355th St.Willoughby, OH39,250 s.f.$2,550,000
4714 Main StreetAshtabula, Ohio4,792 s.f.$50,000
477 Lexington AvePainesville, Ohio104,753 s.f.$1,900,000
4823-4825 N. Ridge RdNorth Perry, OH16,160 s.f.$400,000
4838-4850 E. 355 St.Willoughby, Ohio47,242 s.f.$950,000
4889 East 345th StreetWilloughby, Ohio13,290 s.f.$300,000
4896 East 345 StreetWilloughby, Ohio9,500 s.f.$375,000
503 Lake Shore Blvd.Painesville Twp., Ohio8,000 s.f.$220,000
5111 W. 164th StCleveland17,400± SF$700,000
5230 GreenhurstMaple Hts., Ohio6,300 s.f.$190,000
532 E. 185 StCleveland, OH4,125 s.f.$120,000
548 Liberty St.Painesville, Ohio33,582 s.f.$325,000
55 Florence AvenuePainesville, Ohio11,840 s.f.$425,000
5957 Heisley RdMentor, Ohio5 acres vacant land$350,000
600 East Royalton RoadBroadview Heights, Ohio4,347 s.f.$500,000
6042 Pinecone DrMentor2.98± AC$270,000
6277-6285 S. Main StN. Kingsville31,785± SF$530,000
69 Burton StreetPainesville, Ohio6,500 s.f.$120,116
6960 Spinach Drive CondoMentor, Ohio864 s.f.$78,500
7116 Industrial Park Blvd.Mentor, Ohio2,000 s.f.$170,000
7395 Ravenna RoadConcord, Ohio10,800 s.f.$240,000
7420 Tyler Blvd.Mentor, OH7,200 s.f.$500,000
7445 Mentor Ave.Mentor, OH12,512 s.f.$400,000
7700 Tyler BoulevardMentor, Ohio120,825 s.f.$3,120,000
7750 Division DrMentor14,550± SF$1,000,000
7900 Tyler Blvd.Mentor, OH12,601 s.f.$685,000
7911 Enterprise ParkwayMentor, Ohio40,669 s.f.$1,425,000
8000 Broadview RdBroadview Hts28,000± SF$1,550,000
8059 Crile RoadConcord Township, Ohio21,572 s.f.$1,100,000
831 South St.Chardon, OH10,970 s.f.$710,000
8521 East AvenueMentor, Ohio7,000 s.f.$305,000
8549 East Ave.Mentor, OH5,000 s.f.$399,000
8561 East Ave.Cleveland, OH4,380 s.f.$335,000
8585 East AvenueMentor, Ohio5,000 s.f.$230,000
8592 East AvenueMentor, Ohio9,160 s.f.$225,000
8600 East Pleasant Valley Rd.Independence, Ohio59,086 s.f.$500,000
8601-8603 East AveMentor6,600± SF$450,000
8647 Tyler BlvdMentor, Ohio4,980 s.f.$730,000
865 Callendar RoadMentor, Ohio3.35 acres vacant land$85,000
8666 Tyer Blvd.Mentor, Ohio11,373 s.f.$445,000
8693 Mentor AveMentor3,469± SF$200,000
8700 Tyler BoulevardMentor, Ohio10,800 s.f.$500,000
8790 Twinbrook DrMentor25,951± SF$950,000
9000 Osborne Dr.Mentor, OH5,000 s.f.$275,000
9060 Tyler BoulevardMentor, Ohio45,600 s.f.$1,900,000
9099 Hendricks RoadMentor, Ohio12,240 s.f.$561,000
9124 Tyler-Blvd CondoMentor3,880± SF$330,000
9239 Ravenna Rd  Unit K (Condo)Twinsburg1,782± SF$124,000
925 Callendar Blvd.Painesville, OH27,720 s.f.$775,000
9263 Ravenna Rd., Unit A-6 (Condo)Twinsburg, OH1,769 s.f.$115,000
9263 Ravenna Rd., Unit A-8 (Condo)Twinsburg, OH1,769 s.f.$120,000
9263 Ravenna Rd Unit 7 (Condo)Twinsburg1,769± SF$123,000
9263 Ravenna Rd Unit A5Twinsburg1,749± SF$130,000
9300 Hamilton Dr.Mentor, OH6,340 s.f.$387,000
9325 Progress Pkwy.Mentor, OH17,760 s.f.$925,000
9345 & 9355 Progress Pkwy.Mentor, OH17,760 s.f.$1,035,950
9350 Progress PkwyMentor, OH12,582 s.f.$499,000
9355 PineneedleMentor, Ohio8,200 s.f.$390,000
9370 Mercantile Rd.Mentor, OH6,365 s.f.$400,000
9465 Hamilton DrMentor, OH10,900 s.f.$595,00
9930 Johnnycake Rd. Unit 2DConcord, OH2,016 s.f.$77,000
9930 Johnnycake Ridge Rd Unit 1DConcord Twp1,044± SF$95,000
9930 Johnnycake Ridge Rd Unit 2FConcord Twp792± SF$74,000
Center StreetMentor, Ohio.65 acres vacant land$265,000
Center StreetChardon, Ohio1.41 acres vacant land$400,000
Crile RdConcord, Ohio1.51 acres vacant land$525,000
Lane RoadPerry, Ohio4.25 acres vacant land$10,000
Middle Ridge Rd & Main StMadison Village, Ohio245 acres vacant land$650,000
Riverside Dr. - Borac MarinaEastlake, OH10 acres$350,000
S/L #3 Sidley Industrial ParkAustinburg7.4± AC$250,000
S/L #6 Sidley Industrial ParkAustinburg.65± AC$295,000
S/L 1 - Sidley Business ParkMadison1± AC$150,000
S/L 11 - Sidley Business PkMadison2.2± AC$250,000
S/L 2 & 3 - Sidley Business ParkMadison4± AC$200,000
S/L 9 & 10 - Sidley Business ParkMadison4.2± AC$500,000
Sidley CourtAustinburg, Ohio1.3 acres vacant land$150,000
Sidley CourtAustinburg, Ohio10.6 acres vacant land$425,000
Spinach Dr.Mentor, OH1.5 acres vacant land$125,000
SR 45 & I-90Austinburg, OH.98 acres land$325,000
State RoadAshtabula, Ohio7.04 acres vacant land$69,700
V/L - S/L 4, 5 & 5 Sidley Business ParkMadison, OH5.34 acres$275,000
V/L 8672 Tyler BlvdMentor1.02± AC$90,000
V/L Auburn RdConcord6.55± AC$975,000
V/L Bates Rd & E Main StMadison Village133.9± AC$275,000
V/L Lakeshore BlvdPainesville Twp.85± AC$150,000
V/L Lane Rd.Perry Twp, OH22.38 acres$325,000
V/L N. Richmond RdPierpont, OH69 acres$172,500
V/L North Ridge RdVillage of North Perry5.8± AC$125,000
V/L Shamrock Business PkPainesville12± AC$450,000
V/L SR 45Rome Twp, OH74.9 acres$134,820
V/L Vrooman RdLeroy Twp21± AC$183,000
4942 Lake RdPerry Twp57± AC$470,000
7480 Auburn RdConcord6,490± SF$475,000
615 W Main StConneaut43.59± AC$168,400
18210 St. Clair AveCleveland2,562± SF$190,000
2418 Professor AveCleveland2,980± SF$600,000
9930 Johnnycake Ridge Rd, Units 3B, 3D, 3E & 3FConsord2,684± SF$210,000
38300 Pelton RdWilloughby11,174± SF$685,000
7280 Industrial Park BlvdMentor20,000± SF$1,4000,000
1430 Lloyd RdWickliffe6,000± SF$428,000
1151 East StFairport Harbor19,440± SF$650,000

Commercial Real Estate Leases

8334 Tyler Blvd.Mentor, OH913 s.f.
9263 Ravenna Rd., Unit A-5Twinsburg, OH754 s.f.
4493 South Madison Rd.Madison, OH5,000 s.f.
5145 Brecksville Rd., Building 3Richfield, OH2,405 s.f.
35886 Lakeland Blvd.Eastlake, OH3,200 s.f.
5357 Broadview Rd.Parma, OH960 s.f.
1050 E. 222 St.Euclid, OH3,468 s.f.
6480 Rockside Woods Blvd., Unit 100Independence, OH1,667 s.f.
9238 Broadview Rd.Broadview Hts., OH960 s.f.
38319 Western Parkway, Unit AWilloughby, OH2,400 s.f.
34916 Ridge Rd., Suite AWilloughby, OH1,200 s.f.
7710 Tyler Blvd.Mentor, OH15,935 s.f.
4256 Center Rd.Brunswick, OH4,500 s.f.
7468 Tyler Blvd.Mentor, OH4,500 s.f.
9263 Ravenna Rd., Suite A-7Twinsburg, OH1,769 s.f.
8334 Tyler Blvd.Mentor, OH2,788 s.f.
30432 Euclid Ave., Suite 205Wickliffe, OH408 s.f.
4367 Rocky River St Ste 600Cleveland, OH817 s.f.
7757 Auburn Rd Ste 16Concord, OH1,600 s.f.
7165 Center St Units B8, B9 & B10Mentor, OH4,950 s.f.
16201 Hilliard RdLakewood OH1,800 s.f.
314 High StFairport Harbor, OH1,200 s.f.
26000 Chardon Rd Unit 3Richmond Hts, OH1,238 s.f.
37121 Euclid AveWilloughby, OH845 s.f.
2610 Hubbard RdMadison, OH2,575 s.f.
38033 Euclid aveWilloughby, OH1,000 s.f.
7757 Auburn Rd Ste 18Concord, OH2,000 s.f.
34940 Ridge RdWilloughby, OH1,866 s.f.
11801 Clifton BlvdLakewood, OH2,800 s.f.
18460 Syracuse AveCleveland, OH21,470 s.f.
5357 Broadview RdParma, OH2,200 s.f.
6151 Wilson Mills Rd Ste 310Highland Hts, OH3,723 s.f.
7450 Center StMentor, OH1,600 s.f.
18460 Syracuse AveCleveland, OH13,695 s.f.
8348 Tyler BlvdMentor, OH300 s.f.
7561 Tyler Blvd., Unit #5Mentor, OH6,854 s.f.
8316 Tyler Blvd.Mentor, OH1,000 s.f.
6565 Davis Industrial Parkway Ste. RSolon, OH5,858 s.f.
9465 Hamilton RdMentor, Ohio10,900 s.f.
34920 Ridge RdWilloughby, Ohio2,670 s.f.
2620-2622 Hubbard RdMadison, Ohio3,945 s.f.
9350 Progress ParkwayMentor, Ohio2,293 s.f.
7561 Tyler BlvdMentor, Ohio6,854 s.f.
7578 Fredle RoadConcord Township, Ohio1,980 s.f.
29110 Anderson Rd (2x)Wickliffe, Ohio4,000 s.f.
2620-2622 Hubbard RoadMadison, Ohio3,945 s.f.
759 Lakeshore BoulevardPainesville Township, Ohio7,500 s.f.
1994 Warrensville Center RoadSouth Euclid, Ohio1,860 s.f.
9238 Broadview RoadBroadview Heights, Ohio960 s.f.
7468 Tyler BoulevardMentor, Ohio4,500 s.f.
18901 Euclid AvenueEuclid, Ohio20,000 s.f.
2495 N Ridge RdPainesville, Ohio3,360 s.f.
38319 Western Parkway Unit DWilloughby, Ohio2,400 s.f.
373 Center St.Chardon, Ohio2,053 s.f.
1100 East 222 St.Euclid, Ohio38,737 s.f.
21200 St. ClairEuclid, Ohio6,500 s.f.
548 Liberty St.Painesville, Ohio5,494 s.f.
38016 Euclid Ave.Willoughby, Ohio8,800 s.f.
4200 Benefit RoadAshtabula, Ohio114,000 s.f.
1471-1475 East 359th StEastlake, Ohio3,750 s.f.
8001 Moving WayMentor, Ohio48,000 s.f.
29855 Solon RoadSolon, Ohio69,788 s.f.
307 Park DriveTrenton, Ohio1,505 s.f.
1363 Chardon RoadEuclid, Ohio18,000 s.f.
9301 HamiltonMentor, Ohio3,500 s.f.
7710 Tyler Blvd.Mentor, Ohio10,000 s.f.
12550 Chillicothe RoadChesterland, Ohio500 s.f.
9301 Hamilton DriveMentor, Ohio3,500 s.f.
548 Liberty StreetPainesville, Ohio3,200 s.f.
8338 Tyler Blvd.Mentor, Ohio200 s.f.
8666 Tyler Blvd. – Unit 3Mentor, Ohio1,776 s.f.
38014 Euclid Avenue-2nd FloorWilloughby, Ohio6,000 s.f.
8350 Tyler Blvd.Mentor, Ohio200 s.f.
8735 East AvenueMentor, Ohio1,900 s.f.
8348 Tyler Blvd.Mentor, Ohio300 s.f.
34914 Ridge Road, Unit CWilloughby, Ohio1,498 s.f.
2305 East Aurora Road Twinsburg, Ohio1 Victoria Place, Suite 3251,860 s.f.
1 Victoria Place, Suite 325Mentor, Ohio6,400 s.f.
759 Lakeshore BoulevardPainesville, Ohio7,500 s.f.
8666 Tyler BoulevardMentor, Ohio2,817 s.f.
38052 Euclid AvenueWilloughby, Ohio477 s.f.
9440 Mentor AvenueMentor, Ohio2,210 s.f.
237 State RoadAshtabula, Ohio10,000 s.f.
34300 Lakeland BoulevardEastlake, Ohio27,866 s.f.
1 Victoria PlacePainesville, Ohio12,600 s.f.
26251 Bluestone BoulevardEuclid, Ohio41,340 s.f.
309 Park AvenueChardon, Ohio1,100 s.f.
12117 Bennington AvenueCleveland, Ohio8,000 s.f.
909 Callander RoadPainesville, Ohio2,000 s.f.
38342 Western Parkway Unit 4Willoughby, Ohio1,500 s.f.
29017 Chardon RoadWilloughby Hills, Ohio2,000 s.f.
548 Liberty StreetPainesville, Ohio3,200 s.f.
9209 Mentor Ave. - Firehouse SubsMentor, Ohio3,000 s.f.
38342 Western ParkwayKirtland, Ohio1,500 s.f.
405 Ken Mar Industrial ParkBroadview Heights, Ohio12,360 s.f.
2806 Payne AvenueCleveland, Ohio820 s.f.
33851 Curtis BoulevardEastlake, Ohio7,742 s.f.
8585 East AvenueMentor, Ohio3,333 s.f.
7955 Euclid Chardon RdKirtland, Ohio25,908±SF
4711 & 4727 E. 355 StWilloughby, Ohio16,625±SF
1740 N Ridge RdPainesville, Ohio27,000±SF
1050 E. 222 St.Euclid, Ohio3,468±SF
425 Water StChardon, Ohio7,480±SF
6940 Edgerton RdBrecksville, Ohio1,592± SF
38039 West SpauldingWilloughby, Ohio3,472± SF
8585 East AveMentor, Ohio1,667± SF
2400 W. Prospect, Unit 2Ashtabula, Ohio3,000± SF
6966 Heisley Rd, Suite CMentor, Ohio1,350± SF